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The long long flight

The long long flight
Finally, after some 23 hours of flight, I am on the other side of the world than I was yesterday around this time. I feel terribly tired after the long flight, but before I go to sleep, I found some time to write about the first impressions of my journey.

For those of you who haven't ever flown such a long distance: you can't imagine how long it actually is. Even today's best airplanes are not able to fly the whole distance from Europe to Australia, so they have to make a refuel stop. The usual waypoints are Hong Kong and Bangkok. We made a stop at the second mentioned.

While the plane was being refueled and prepared for the second half of our flight, we had to leave it and spend about one hour at the airport. Impressive at least. It was many times the size of the Prague airport and watching the traffic there was just breathtaking. It seemed to me like one of the world's biggest crossroads. Right here was where I realized the true sense of the well know phrase that the world is getting smaller and smaller.

After then, we entered the plane again and began the rest of our flight. Even though I slept the most of the time, I feel rather tired at the moment, so I decided to accomodate as soon as possible and start exploring the city tomorrow, after a proper portion of good sleep.

Take care up there at the other side of the world! I'll try to write another post soon...
Posted by Kelly Taylor on 10/27/2008 12:05:12 AM
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