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Wir sind Berliners

Wir sind Berliners
Berlin, after a long time the city we both wanted to see. And as we’re almost done with our trip, we’re getting much more relaxed in comparison with just week ago. We are almost able to joke with each other again. We don’t have much money left, though, so we’re mostly hanging around, considering every Euro, spent for the gallery ticket.

Because that Euro might have been the next breakfast.

Tomorrow morning, we're setting of for our last hitchhiking trip. So far, I didn't tell you how we manage to hitchiking with all the luggage we have, though. The few of you were curious about it. Well, let's put some light on the subject. First of all, we have barely any luggage at all. Oddly as it may seem, together with PJ, we have succeeded in fitting everything into two backpacks. To be honest with you, one really doesn't need to have much stuff. A camera, two pair of shoes and some clothes but not much. We take advantage of the public laundries that are usually conveniently located near hostels a lot. We have our sleeping bags in case of emergency as well. Everything else is just junk that you can do without. 

When we're waiting for the ride, we always form our backpacks into a sophisticated pile that looks much smaller than it is, in reality. And I don't recall waiting for more than an hour for a ride, beside those troubles in Pyrenees. Everyone who has ever tried hitchhiking must admit that it is more than impressive. 
Posted by Abigail Woodwarth on 7/3/2008 9:54:27 PM
Filed under: Germany, hitchhiking, luggage

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